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First-Rate Supervisor Training Course:

Have you considered the value of becoming an LPC-Supervisor?  

This is a perfect opportunity to raise up other competent therapists, creating a greater impact on increasing the health of our local, counseling community.  Twenty hours of this course is private study-time ahead of twenty hours in class.   This course is approved through the Texas State LPC Board, and pending approval through the Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy & Licensed Clinical Social Worker boards (eta: summer '18).


This 40-hour (CEUs), LPC-Board approved Supervisors' course will include:

  • Defining and Conceptualizing Supervision (3 clock hours)
  • Administrative items re: Interns (3 clock hours)
  • The Supervisory Relationship and Counselor Development (3 hours)
  • Supervision Methods and Techniques (12 clock-hours)
  • Ethical, Legal, and Professional issues: (12 clock hours)
  • Executive and Administration Tasks: (3 clock hours)
  • Organizing Documentation for Upcoming Supervision of LPC Interns (4 hours)


Cost, Payment and Cancellation:

  • Cost:  $650 (100% tax-deductible in the year paid)
  • Payment is due in full at the time of registration.
  • Payments accepted:  Cash, Check (payable to “NLCC”), or Discover/MasterCard/Visa.
  • Cancellation/Refund Policy:  No refund will be issued for not attending this course post registration, regardless of date of notice or explanation.  However, you can participate in a future Supervisor training course offered at New Life.


What Other Have Said:

Dr. Leah McDill's supervision course was very thorough and outlined every topic--both administrative and clinical/ethical--necessary to be an effective, competent, and successful supervisor.  I greatly appreciated the variety of examples provided by Dr. McDill and other LPCs taking the course that yielded enriching discussions.  The handouts provided are a very helpful framework for when I set up my practice working with LPC-interns.  Thank you for all of your work, effort, and tenacity in this comprehensive training!    --Megan Y.

I came into this training with a moderate amount of anxiety about what it looked like to become an LPC-intern supervisor and left with great confidence and direction for making the professional shift into supervision.  The course laid out very clearly what is expected from a supervisor as well as provided incredible forms/resources for structuring the process.  As someone whose strength does not lie in administration, this notebook is invaluable and has laid out the foundation for supporting interns most effectively.  Thank you Dr. McDill for your time, resources, and investment into my professional development!   ---Sarah W.


About Me

Dr. Leah Wilson McDill, LPC-S

I’ve been counseling (since '92), in a variety of settings--including inpatient, outpatient, home-based Medicaid funded counseling, public mental health (MHMR)--and then in private practice (since '98).  I have been supervising LPC-interns through New Life Counseling Center ('04), and teaching graduate students (Professional Orientation, Grief & Loss, and Site-Based Internship) at Texas State University ('05). Now I get to teach this supervisor training ('16), as a continuing education course to bring licensed counselors and therapists to become supervisors and contributing to the next level of training of a new generation of therapists.  I have unknowingly gotten myself into two precarious supervisory relationships with interns who have greatly informed how I guard myself as a supervisor as well as my team of interns.  In previous LPC-S courses, I have had former interns, who have progressed through licensure into supervisor status, return to teach part of this course with me, which is great, as well as current interns to share what has been most helpful in their training.  I welcome your coming to share your professional counseling vision with me in learning more about training your next generation….

My Passion

I am passionate regarding counselor education, from graduate students through licensure into becoming supervisors.

My Commitment to You

I am eager to share what has worked well, and what has educated me through the years. 

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Future Course Schedules

February 28 & 29, 2020

Minimum number for each training session will be 6 participants.